Weekend Trip: one day at North Fork

North Fork.

A 30-mile long peninsula in the northeast part of Suffolk County, NY, about 75 miles east of Manhattan. It took us about an hour and a half from Queens with no traffic.

What’s there to do, you ask? Seafood, wineries, and quaint little shoppes. It’s the part of New York that you don’t see on TV.

We were famished when we got to the area, so we refueled at Claudio’s, right by the water.

IMG_2153IMG_2154 IMG_2155IMG_2156 IMG_2157IMG_2163 IMG_2159IMG_2152

It was pretty much a tourist trap — pricey and mediocre. However, I enjoyed the wine and sweet potato waffle fries. Too bad the wine was from Sonoma and not local…


We walked around and went into a toy store…

IMG_2169 IMG_2179 

Cute handcrafted souvenirs!

IMG_2184IMG_2185IMG_2186IMG_2187  IMG_2190IMG_2193

An artisan boutique that I’ve been telling everyone to go to if they ever were to visit North Fork — The White Weathered Barn.


And then this sign caught my eye…


It was time for coffee.

IMG_2194IMG_2197 IMG_2216

I don’t know how I feel about this coffee being the “best” in town…


Boats and carousels make great photo ops for newlyweds.

Finally, what we came here for. We picked a random winery that we found through Yelp called Sparkling Pointe. They only serve sparkling wines here, but there are more than 30 vineyards out here to choose from (most if not all close at 6pm).

IMG_2217IMG_2221  IMG_2241IMG_2228


I love this photo of my friend and her boyfriend.

As we drove away from the vineyard, we stopped at one last spot: Harbes Family Farm. They make the best roasted sweet corn!


I would love to come back next summer and try the other vineyards! Such a quaint little town, and it was perfect weather for a lazy Saturday stroll. There are thrift shops and antique stores, handcrafted jewelry, restaurants, coffee shops, farms and wineries. Most people stay over for a night or the weekend, which is not a bad idea.

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