Governor’s Island: Fête Paradiso

“This summer, Fête Paradiso, the world’s first traveling festival of vintage carnival rides and carousels, will make its American debut on Governors Island in New York City. The rare, museum-quality collection, which includes a diverse array of attractions from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, such as carousels, flying swings and a pipe organ, will be available for the public to ride and enjoy every weekend from July 13 – September 29.”

You can get to Governor’s Island two ways: Manhattan ferry and Brooklyn ferry. We chose Brooklyn.

IMG_2301 IMG_2302

The ferry ride is only about 10 minutes, and on a sunny, breezy day, it was beautiful. It was also free.

Right this way…



We didn’t go on any rides. Our goal was just to take lots of awesome pictures.

IMG_2317 IMG_2318IMG_2319 IMG_2320


IMG_2326 IMG_2352


Desserts and carnival eats!




The island resembles an ice cream cone.




Horsie wants to get on that carousel.

Other than this exhibition, there are also tons of other things to see and do on the island. We got food from the trucks before this, and took pictures of the cloud exhibit. You can also rent a bike and ride around the island, which is something I’ll most likely do next summer!

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