Stockholm, Sweden in 24 hours (May 2019)

From Copenhagen, we flew to Stockholm and took the Arlanda Express (20 minutes from the city) – so cheap and fast and smooth.

My one goal on this trip: find Princess Cake! “Princess cake is a traditional Swedish layer cake or torte consisting of alternating layers of airy sponge cake, pastry cream, raspberry jam and a thick-domed layer of whipped cream. The cake is covered by a layer of marzipan, giving it a smooth rounded top.” – Wiki

On the way to the hotel, we stopped by a sushi place called Naked Fish and it was actually pretty good!


Walked around to look for princess cake but everything was closing. Everything closes so early! Also it was a Sunday so more things were closed. Took the metro to Gamla Stan and I got an almond pastry from Brod & Salt.


The girl at the counter said that’s her fave and she was so nice. I got a coffee with milk too. Every place in Stockholm takes card.


We ate at Ardbeg Embassy and had reindeer which tasted like steak and toast skagen (shrimp on bread) and more seafood. It was good but we were full very fast. Also got this 18-year old aged whiskey from a barrel – the guy literally took it from a barrel in front of us and every guy in the restaurant was ordering it. It was really good – didn’t burn, kinda just evaporated in my mouth and had all sorts of layers of taste.


After that we went to Fotografiska – a photography museum with cool exhibitions. I LOVED IT. This was back when it didn’t exist in New York yet! Spent some time there and went to the cafe upstairs with a nice view of the city and water.


The next morning, we packed our stuff and put our backpacks away at the city terminal lockers – SO convenient! The lockers were big enough to put everything in. Then we walked to Gamla Stan for a FREE walking tour. We took the “old town” tour and went through the cobblestone streets which was cool.


Went to the narrowest stairway.


The local tour guide mentioned “Lagom” — it means not too much, not too little, which is a philosophy they try to live by there. They’re content with what they have and don’t try to compare. “Live in moderation, have a fika break!”



After the tour, we went to a bakery/cafe called Grillska Husets and finally got a princess cake – it was SOOOOO good!

Princess Cake – mission accomplished!

We walked to Östermalms saluhall which was a food hall and got meatballs and carpaccio. The meatballs tasted just like IKEA’s…


The food hall was cool, lots of stalls with salmon and oysters and fish and hot foods.

That concludes the end of my Eurotrip! I loved Stockholm and wish I spent more time there. Really enjoyed listening to the “Lagom” talk and walking around the cobblestone streets, observing the modern architecture around the city, going on the metro which had really nice artwork in each station — I would want to spend more time looking at the details at each station next time!


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