Travelogue: Dallas, TX (Day 4 of 4)

IMG_2123 IMG_2125

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, and we ventured down the block in search of caffeine. We found Sip Stir Cafe, which is a total gem in this neighborhood.

IMG_2127 IMG_2129


They brew their coffee for 8 hours — it’s good enough to drink black. The staff is friendly and will tell you about their brewing process if you ask!

IMG_2132  IMG_2135IMG_2131

It was a lazy Sunday, I got the best pedicure ever from Nail Bar and then had an intense craving for Pho.


There were many Vietnamese places in Richardson, but we ended up at Pho Pasteur.


I had to get my egg-yolk-condensed-milk-soda and the #14 pho, which has “everything”. It was good, but I always reminisce about the best pho I’ve ever had — Pho Saigon in Houston.

It was a perfect weekend getaway. I got my brisket and fried chicken, the best pedicure, the best coffee, and I got to go running on the Katy Trail. I ended my trip with a visit to NorthPark Center, a shopping mall. In between all the food and sightseeing, I enjoyed spending time with V on his couch watching TV (which I never do in NY) and just relaxing in this slower pace city.

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