Memorial Day Weekend Part 1: Hiking Indian Head/Twin Mountain (NY)

The Indian Head and Twin Mountain hike is an 8.4 mile loop that involves steep scrambling (getting on your hands and climbing). Its difficulty was rated 10/10 according to this site, which I use quite often to find new places to go.

The first half of the hike had several sections of scrambling, which I enjoyed. The second half was pretty boring going downhill, with lots of rocks and twigs on the ground. The views were okay, not as grand as I had expected.

For activities on the way back to NYC: (on the next post)

So back to the hike.


Indian Head first, then Twin Mountain. Follow the red markers to Indian Head.



Continue with the red markers to Indian Head.


Here’s where we went the wrong way. Once you see this sign, don’t follow it. If you do…


This is when you know you’ve gone too far. Turn back. Go back to that sign. Find the red marker and turn into that path instead. The path wasn’t well marked, which is where we got confused.




Panorama. It was just an okay view.


Some steep rocks. We saw a couple with 3 dogs trying to figure out which peak to hike up to. I wonder if they made it.


Perhaps it would be better in the fall?


Twin Mountain.


Another panorama.

The way back down was pretty boring. It felt like we were walking in neverending forests. It took us about 5 hours total.


This Mountain House rice & chicken was really good. Just add hot water.


Dat camp lyfe.


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