Memorial Day Weekend Part 2: Whitecliff Vineyard & Dia:Beacon (NY)

This was a hidden campsite off the side of some road that I will probably never be able to find again. No itineraries, just winging it. I set my alarm for midnight to watch the stars. It was spectacular but I suffered the wrath of mosquitoes afterwards (one on my palm!!!?!)…


Memorial Day Weekend 2016

In the morning we ate another Mountain House product for breakfast:


The breakfast skillet. It was SO delicious! Well, for what it is.


Hashbrown!!!! Just add hot water.

Then we headed over to Wallkill View Farm Market in New Paltz.

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Cinnamon apple cider donuts!

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

ICE CREAM! The bourbon pecan and kahlua calypso were soooo good. Ice cream for breakfast!

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

They also sell jam, sauces, anything you can cook with or bake with, they have.

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

I wanted to buy some plants too – they got rosemary, thyme, all the herbs!

Next up: Whitecliff Vineyard

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

(You get to keep the glass if you buy a tasting flight, which you should anyway)


The menu for wine flights. I got the fruity one and Rosé one. I enjoyed the 2014 Traminette the most out of all of them. They’re also known for the Awosting White and Redtrail.

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Now I have glasses from Robibero (also nearby!) and Whitecliff.

After that, we went to Dia:Beacon. $15 admissions. As we approached the museum, we saw lots of people walking over from the nearby Metro-North station. We were about to be turned away from the full parking lot when one car came out and we got to take the spot!

I loooooved this place. All natural light. The exhibitions were spaced out so that you’re not crowding around people trying to get a good look.

Memorial Day Weekend 2016


I thought it was cool how the lights show up as different colors on phone pictures (the top was taken with a DSLR, this one was taken with my phone)


Notice the difference when you tilt the phone vertically vs horizontally.


Secret agent pic.












I highly recommend Dia:Beacon if you are hiking nearby or visiting the wine trails.

For lunch, we went to the nearby Kitchen Sink (recommended to us by the nice lady at Whitecliff).

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Chicken liver biscuit sliders

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Memorial Day Weekend 2016


Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Grandma’s Brisket Grilled Cheese — SO delicious


24-Hour Banger Banh Xeo

Memorial Day Weekend 2016


Panna cotta with rhubarb

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