Mu Ramen (Long Island City, NY)

Mu Ramen just opened up their brick-and-mortar restaurant in LIC last week, and I’ve been waiting for it since I missed out on its pop-up days last year. Long wait time, cramped space, but was it worth it? YES.


Look at the noodle-y ceiling.


They recommend no more than 4 people per seating. I would recommend going solo or with just one other person to really experience this place to the fullest. We sat at the bar, which I thoroughly enjoyed.


If you aren’t one of the 6 lucky ones who get seated at the bar, there is a huge communal seating arrangement in the middle of the restaurant with a view of some succulents growing at the center of the table.


My view: what seemed like unlimited uni and ikura going into our first appetizer, the famed U&I.


Uni, spicy maguro, ikura, sesame roasted nori on top of rice. Perfect combination to me. This is the type of dishes I dream about.


Next, Tonkotsu 2.0: pork based soup topped with chashu pork jowl, kikurage, menma, sesame, and scallions. Also added (at extra charge): roasted corn — HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


But wait! We also requested a sous vide egg (additional charge as well), which came after. The dude cracked the egg with one hand and it came out perfectly poached…


The Mu Ramen. The pricier option at $18 (plus $2 for my nitamago, a seasoned soft boiled egg which I NEED in all of my ramen): oxtail and bone marrow based soup, brisket, half sour pickle, menma, cabbage and scallions. I LOVE this broth; so rich and so satisfying. Both of these ramen come with thin noodles, and I really wish there was an option to switch to the thicker kind.


Our other appetizer was my least favorite: Tebasaki Gyoza. “Deep fried chicken wings stuffed with foie and brioche” sounds like a dream come true for me, but it tasted a little too bread-y for me.


Inside of the foie wing.


We watched them work their magic at the counter and secretly wished for more U&I.


A bite of the pork — I also wish there was a bigger serving of this. I’d be happy with more meat and less noodles.



I’m already making plans to come back. Cash only. No reservations. (UPDATE 12/11/14: they take reservations by phone now! Same day only, phone lines start at 3pm)

Mu Ramen
1209 Jackson Avenue,
LIC, NY 11101
Tel: 917.868.8903
Monday-Saturday 5:30pm-10:00pm

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