Travelogue: Montreal Part Trois (Sept 2015)


It was a rainy day. And quite chilly too. We passed by the Olympic Stadium on the way to the Botanical Garden. I adore the inclined tower and the structure of this stadium. The concept was based off the structure of animal vertebrae and sinews. It cost so much money to build that it was actually not finished by the time the Olympics came around.

The Botanical Garden is mostly outdoors, with a small greenhouse area which we explored. Then we found this “Chinese garden”…

Montreal (Sept 2015)

Wait there’s more.

Montreal (Sept 2015)

Pretty normal so far… and then

Montreal (Sept 2015)

Montreal (Sept 2015)

…it was quite strange. There were all these paper mache people and lanterns, kind of like the ones people burn at funerals to send to their relatives beyond the grave.

Montreal (Sept 2015)

Montreal (Sept 2015)

Montreal (Sept 2015)

I love the art that’s all around the city.




We went to Au Pied de Cochon for dinner.

Montreal (Sept 2015)

I made a reservation ahead of time, of course. The couple who gave me a taste of their cake last night was also there. They told us the tuna tartare was good.

Montreal (Sept 2015)

It was. And so was the foie gras poutine:

Montreal (Sept 2015)

Then came “duck in a can”; the most famous dish here:

Montreal (Sept 2015)

Montreal (Sept 2015)

After eating duck and foie gras for 3 nights, I found this underwhelming. It was a small portion of duck (Joe Beef wins on portion size), and the winner in terms of taste would go to Le Quartier Général.

Montreal (Sept 2015)

Maple creme brulee.

Dinner again, took 2 hours. We accepted this fact already.

The next morning, I jogged around Old Montreal towards Lachine Canal and it was perfect weather for it. I love running in other cities and getting to know the neighborhood that way. By foot, I can see so much more.







Perfect morning jog.



Lachine canal.

After that, I met up with my mom and we went to see Notre Dame Basilica.

Montreal (Sept 2015)

Entrance fee $5. Free tours (check their schedule). I’m glad we went on the short 20 minute tour. I learned more about this church; it has quite an interesting history.

Montreal (Sept 2015)

Montreal (Sept 2015)

Elegant stairs.

Montreal (Sept 2015)

Montreal (Sept 2015)

Maison Christian Faure: our last lunch in Montreal! Love the lighting here.

It’s close to Notre Dame Basilica and there are tons of souvenir shops along the way for some last minute shopping.

Montreal (Sept 2015)

Delicious salmon sandwich.

Montreal (Sept 2015)

Ok lobster sandwich.

Montreal (Sept 2015)


Montreal (Sept 2015)

This passionfruit tart was good. I also bought macarons to go as souvenirs.

At the airport, I had to get one last fix of poutine… from Burger King…



Au revoir, dear Montreal! I loved your French-speaking, courteous and friendly people and all that art!


Miami Beach Eats: The Bazaar by José Andrés


Continuing from the previous post, we crossed over to Miami Beach and took a stroll. We stumbled upon the Holocaust Memorial, which was breathtaking and at the same time a bit eerie at night.


“The centerpiece of the Memorial is the Sculpture of Love and Anguish, an enormous bronze representation of an outstretched arm, rising from the earth and stretching toward the heavens. The entire sculpture area comprises vignettes of family members trying to help each other in a final act of love.”

It was a stunning and dramatic piece of sculpture.


Next, we had a reservation at the Bazaar.


Please excuse the dark pictures.


This was a classy restaurant; I would recommend making reservations. The reason I came here was for the innovative “gastronomy” dishes. José Andrés is known for his creative fusion plates. On the menu, there is a new world section and an old world section (for the traditional tapas). We picked several dishes and shared.


“Cubano” in honor of Cafe Versailles.


Sea urchin and tempura shiso leaves. Whenever I see uni on the menu, I just have to order it. Apparently, we were the first ones to order this new dish. Chef was so excited he came out to ask us how it was. I liked it!


Special of the day: Lamb that falls off the bones… so good.


Cuban Coffee Rubbed Churrasco – highly recommended! There’s this foam on top and passion fruit on the bottom. The meat was tender and juicy. I loved this dish.



Smoked Oysters: ice and smoke, apple mignonette. The foam was smoky!


Bone Marrow with Caribbean white truffles, florida citrus, capers.



Dessert was the best part!

Top: “mango bubble tea”- what a pleasant surprise! I loved this!!!
Bottom: “Pan Con Chocolate” – chocolate cream, cocoa crumble, brioche ice cream, and olive oil.

I loved the creativity that they showed throughout the meal.