Travelogue: 5 days in Hong Kong (Dec 2015)

Last December, I made some last minute switches with coworkers and somehow got 6 days off in a row (wow!) for my cousin’s wedding… in Hong Kong. The flight was uber expensive since it was in between Christmas and New Years, but it was worth it. Also, I felt pretty badass hopping on the plane at Newark with just a backpack. The guy at the Cathay front desk noticed and asked if I was going home, and I answered “…yeah.”

Hong Kong is where I was born. I lived there for 10 years until I moved to New York. I don’t fly back often since it’s expensive, and every time I do go back, it’s completely different. Yet, some things still feel familiar. Listening to random dialogue around me in Cantonese, it feels natural. But at the same time, I’m sorta like a foreigner. There’s always so much to explore, so many places to eat and shop at.

My trip begins…


From Manhattan, I took the NJ Transit to Newark Airport. It was only $13 and took less than half an hour.

The Cathay menu (we got 2 meals):


In the back, the English version:




In the morning, there’s congee.


I love Cathay.


I arrived at 6am. Welcome to Hong Kong. And Merry Christmas. There’s free wifi at the airport woohoo!


I bought a one-way ticket from the airport to go to the city (Kowloon stop): $90HKD (~$12USD). You can also put money on an Octopus card if you have one already, or you can purchase it there.


The seats were comfy and it took less than half an hour to get to Kowloon.


I love seeing these buildings in HK. There’s so much character.

After I found my dad’s apartment and met up with my parents, dropped off my stuff, we went to eat because that’s what people in HK do. We eat continuously.


HK diner food


Hong Kong (Dec 2015)

Second breakfast. Dim sum at City Chiu Chow.

Hong Kong (Dec 2015)

Hong Kong (Dec 2015)

Quail egg siu mai

Hong Kong (Dec 2015)


Iron Buddha Oolong Ice Cream from TenRen’s Tea ($20HKD=$2.58USD)


Stopped by Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳 for their pineapple bun with butter


I got to spend Christmas with family.

Hong Kong (Dec 2015)

Hong Kong (Dec 2015)

Ladies and gentlemen, my cousin at the grill.

Hong Kong (Dec 2015)

Polar wants steak too.



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