Travelogue: Driving from Vancouver to Seattle to Portland (June 2015)

On the second leg of our PDX-SEA-YVR trip, we drove from Vancouver to Seattle, stopped for a bit and drove back to Portland.

We started off with Vancouver dim sum, which is a MUST. Fisherman’s Terrace is inside the Aberdeen Centre (aka Asian mall) and has some of the best shrimp rolls ever. I really wish New York dim sum could live up to this standard. Maybe in 10 more years.


You check off a list of dim sum and they bring it to you, fresh. Yes, you can opt for an English list, but I wanted to show off my Chinese.


The pictures could’ve turned out better, but I was in a hurry to devour.

After a long (but tolerable) queue at the border line, we were back in America.

We saw some cows.  20150606_150140 20150606_151039

The creamiest, best blueberry ice cream exists in Bow, Washington at Bow Hill Blueberry (and I thought I had the best in Maine; I was wrong). It was a random sighting of a blueberry farm — I love exploring the country this way.

We got to Taylor Shellfish Farms in Bow. Also amazing because you get to shuck your own oysters here.

IMG_3981 IMG_3982   IMG_3985 IMG_3991


One of the freshest oysters we’ve had on this trip. They’ve converted me into a West Coast oyster lover. So creamy, so meaty.


After we shuck them, we chuck them. Really. Into the ground below us.


Plenty of outdoor seating and picnic tables.

Back in Seattle, we had to try Din Tai Fung as it’s so wildly raved about.


I was a bit disappointed with the soup dumplings because they’re hyped up to be the best. Yes, the skin was really thin and they were tasty, but there wasn’t enough soup in there for me. The crab meat did not distinguish itself amongst the pork, and we compared it with the ones with plain pork inside.

BUT — everything ELSE was really good!



Was it worth a 1-hour wait? Perhaps. There’s nothing to do nearby though, since it’s inside a mall (Bellevue location). So we spent some time playing shooting games at Dave & Buster’s.

Back to Portland.

The BEST brunch of the trip at Screen Door!!! (Yes, three exclamation points)


That was the best fried oyster benedict I’ve ever had. I used to think NOLA was great for fried oysters but WOW THESE ARE HUGE! It came with 3 fried oysters and 2 poached eggs on top of bacon and toasted english muffins. It was perfect.

Of course, it was an hour wait on a Saturday for 2. Like every other brunch place in Portland.

Also, $2.50 for unlimited Stumptown coffee is great.

After unlimited coffee, we had more coffee.


Coava Coffee Roasters.


We ended the trip with more food.


Nong’s Khao Man Gai. Their KMG sauce is goooooood. The dish didn’t blow my mind or anything, but it was some good juicy tender chicken.

Anddddd that was it! It took me almost half a year to finish blogging about this trip. There were lots of good eats, coffee, and nature. I’m sure I will be back.

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