5/19/15 Afternoon Tea at Bergdorf Goodman

My friends and I have a long list of Afternoon Tea places to visit. BG Restaurant came up as one of the top in NYC in many articles we found. A couple of favorites of ours include Alice’s Tea Cup (I, II & III) and Bosie Tea Parlor.


Afternoon Tea: 3-5PM everyday, reservations recommended. $42 per person.

Located on the 7th Floor of Bergdorf Goodman, you can take the elevator up (make sure you go into the right building!). It’s a little pricey as expected, but you’re really going there for the view of Central Park. My friends and I requested to be moved to a window seat and were ecstatic when they obliged. But we did find the view to be underwhelming — perhaps it would be better in the fall with beautiful foliage.




I enjoyed their tea sandwiches with a variety of flavors: cucumber, salmon, prosciutto, chicken salad, tuna salad…


Their macarons tasted exactly like Trader Joe’s, which was slightly disappointing. I mean, I love TJ’s but why come here when I can buy a box myself to eat at home? Go to Bosie for the Darjeeling macarons!

As for the scones… Alice and Bosie still win.




Although BG did not make it to my list of top afternoon tea places, it was still a cute place to bring your girlfriends. I liked all our teas. I shall return for lunch another day in the fall for better views!

BG Restaurant 
754 5th Ave
b/t 57th St & West 58th St 
7th Floor

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