2015 Miami Half Marathon Recap (and other things)

20150124_122731  20150124_122826  20150124_131705

Back in January I flew solo to Miami for a half marathon. It was the best half marathon I’ve ever run (I’ve run Brooklyn, Staten Island, and NYC Half) for many reasons. First, the expo was so much fun! Lots of freebies, picture opportunities, presentations, etc.

Since I had to wait for 2 of my friends to arrive from their flight, I went to eat at Morenos Cuba, a great lunch spot that serves Media Noches and Cubanos with crispy potato sticks.


I loved their mason jars and iced latte.


Medianoche ($11): Ham, mojo marinated shredded pork, swiss cheese, mustard and pickles on Cuban sweet bread.

Next, I walked over to the Bass Museum of Art. They had several outdoor installations while I was there.

IMG_0300 IMG_0301 IMG_0303 IMG_0304 IMG_0309 IMG_0310 IMG_0311 IMG_0312 IMG_0314 IMG_0316 IMG_0319 IMG_0320 IMG_0325 IMG_0328

$8 gets you inside the museum, which isn’t bad. Note: No DSLR photography inside; only phone cameras allowed.

20150124_160230  20150124_160504  20150124_160517

There was a Gold exhibition… yes, this McDonalds cup in gold.

20150124_163514  20150124_163954

After I met up with my friends, we went to eat some more.


Charlotte Bakery is great for snacking: empanadas, tres (even cuatros) leches, lots of pastries here and some seating.


The next morning, we rolled out of bed and headed for American Airlines Arena for the big race. It was great because we booked an Airbnb apartment right next to the start line.

6AM. 45 degrees. Shorts and t-shirt… I was frozen waiting for an hour in the corral!




What I LOVED was that as soon as we started the race, the sun was rising right in front of us. I was swooned by the palm trees on the left side and calm waters and boats on the right side. I didn’t even take many pictures during the race because I enjoyed every moment of it. It’s one of the most scenic races I’ve ever run.


At mile 11, we got little cups of pineapples! It was so refreshing and also contributed to my love for this race.


After the race, there were so many goodies to munch on! All kinds of fruits and fruit cups, even rice and beans!!!!!! Definitely the best post-race party.



For our post-race brunch, we walked over to NIU Kitchen



Rustic and fresh, they serve Catalan dishes.

Watermelon gazpacho
Pa amb tomaquet
Delicious coffee
Steak Tartare
Ous – two poached eggs, truffle potato foam, jamon Iberico, black truffle.
Esmorzar – botifarra, bacon, fried egg, sautéed white beans.


I love that almost everything had fried eggs on top. Highly recommend the “Ous” and “Esmorzar”!

Afterwards, we went to the beach where I got a text that informed me my flight the next day was cancelled due to weather in NYC. I was “stuck” here…


We went to dinner at Tongue & Cheek. All amazing meals so far.

Chilled Plate of Oysters with Carbonated Cucumber Mignonette and Lemon

IMG_0359 IMG_0361    IMG_0367

The most amazing oysters ever. Because it’s carbonated and enveloped in a way that when you put one into your mouth, it pops!

IMG_0372  IMG_0373  IMG_0377

The rest: fried chicken, brisket poutine, beef cheek burger… ALL DELICIOUS.



The next morning, I got another flight and then cancelled again, and decided to head to the airport to talk to them in person. But first, breakfast at Versailles!


IMG_0399 IMG_0400 IMG_0401 IMG_0402 IMG_0403

I got on the last flight to NYC that afternoon and GUESS WHAT — I was 2 hours into it when the pilot announced that we had to turn back to Miami. Oh well, more food for me!

I was lucky in that my friends were staying longer anyway so they had a hotel booked… I met up with them at Joe’s Stone Crab.

IMG_0405 IMG_0407 IMG_0412 IMG_0418 IMG_0422 IMG_0426 IMG_0427

Everything was great, plus we got hooked up with free desserts because the waiter was also Cantonese and from Brooklyn. I was loving this trip, can’t you tell?

The next morning, I woke up early to watch the sun rise. There’s just something about Miami skies.

20150125_175549 20150125_181105 20150127_065107 20150127_071023 20150127_071239 20150127_071913 20150127_072236

It was so glorious and I loved being by myself in that moment.

My friends were still not awake yet, so I grabbed a cubano at Las Olas Cafe, a homey little place for cheap Cuban food.


Yes, I might have overdosed on Cubanos this month.

I took a yoga class before my flight. If you’re in the area, drop by for a class ($20 includes a mat rental) at Miami Life Center — ashtanga style yoga definitely kicked my butt.

20150127_104326 20150127_104336

736 6th St
Miami Beach, FL 33139

And that’s all, folks. I loved every minute of Miami. From beach yoga to running a half marathon, to eating innovative and delicious food to taking in all the art… These are all the things I love about Miami.


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