Travelogue: Maine Day 2 (Acadia National Park)

On Day 2, we drove from Bangor to Acadia National Park. We bought an all week access parking pass for $20 — well worth it. I didn’t bring my DSLR on the trails, so here are some phone pictures.

We started off at Sand Beach and walked along the shore — there were many cliffs for you to explore. Loved the thrill of going to the edge!

acadia trail 2

acadia trail 3

acadia trail 4


acadia trail 5

acadia trail 6

acadia trail1

This was on a trail called the “Beehive” — there were multiple iron rungs for you to climb. We got through 2 sets of them and I couldn’t get past the 3rd set, even though we were SO close to finishing the route! All I saw ahead was a straight cliff and I couldn’t proceed. My fear of heights won this time.

acadia trail 7



After our hike, we decided to drive up to the Cadillac Mountain… and we saw this:

acadia cadillac

Clouds reflected in a body of water… sun shining in front of our eyes.

acadia cad 2

When we got to the top of the Cadillac, all we saw were clouds below where we were standing.

acadia cad 3

Obligatory yoga pose.

acadia cad 4


Everyone was trying to savor this moment.

acadia cad 5

It was like we were driving above the clouds.

After sunset, we drove around to look for food. Apparently, everything closes at sun down. We were lucky enough to find one place still opened:

gateway  gateway3  gateway4gateway2


Next up: Day 3 of Maine — more hiking and eating.

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