Travelogue: Dallas, TX (Day 1)

4 days in Dallas.

I have very fond memories of Texas. My first trip was to Houston 2 years ago for a wedding, and it was filled with good food, good company and sunshine. This trip to Dallas did not disappoint. I really do think that one does not have to travel for an extended amount of time to find enjoyment and adventures.

My goal this trip was to find good eats with V. Of course, barbecue comes to mind.


Rudy’s BBQ is a huge smokehouse with your typical benches and a huge tray to hold our brisket, ribs and sausages. I’ve also developed a liking to sweet tea.


This is what I came to Texas for: Brisket.


Next door was Cabela’s, where you can get your everyday hunting supplies and outdoor camping gear… SO Texas!


For dinner, we went to Victor Tangos. After all, it’s named after him.


Little did I know, this would be the first of many alcoholic drinks we would consume for consecutive days.


Victor Tangos was good for roasted bone marrow. Their famous mini chicken n waffles didn’t wow me one bit. The ahi tuna tacos were rather ordinary but still tasty and worth getting. Image

Panna cotta with real vanilla bean bits on the bottom.

Next, we went for a wine bar around his neighborhood.


Cork. Modern, computerized, efficient and still personal. They have different stations categorized by types. You can taste test and then get a glass.



Of course, I got my chardonnay and white wine cheese plate. Oh brie, how I love thee.


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